today, not tomorrow


Through the ‘Today … not Tomorrow’ tour, churches had the opportunity to hear from resource author Ed Jones (Arise Ministries) about how to use the new resources to encourage discipleship for all ages.  Ed worked through the various elements of the Today … not tomorrow resource during the evening.  These events were primarily aimed at Church leaders, Deacons, youth, children and family workers but all church members passionate about transforming the church for all ages were welcomed.

This is what Ed has to say now the tour has ended….
“It has been so exciting to take Today…not tomorrow on the road, meeting people, visiting churches and to engage first hand with those who will be engaging with this initiative. The stories that are already coming in from churches thinking once again as to what it means to be church for all-ages is brilliant. This is not designed as the answer, but more as a question as to how do we move forward from here. As churches are now beginning to run facilitation days and work through the different parts of the material its great to be getting feedback, so that as we look to what is next for Today…not tomorrow, we can respond effectively. Above all though, it’s about seeking God’s heart for His church, the next steps, the way forward, and for us to have the strength, faith and boldness to move forward as he guides us”. Read more of Ed thoughts on this in the Baptist Times