today, not tomorrow

Resource Process & Overview

The Today…not tomorrow initiative is designed to help you, as a whole church, think through your current ministry amongst children and young people, recognising the part God has for them to play within the church right now and to seek God as to where your church as a whole develops intergenerationally.

A key part of enabling this to happen is getting together a truly intergenerational steering group to work together.  They will then host a Facilitation Day for the whole church to look at questions and think through issues in your local context.

Through the Facilitation Day and further teaching materials, we hope that your church will be able to develop its own Intergenerational Charter, summarising all that the church is endeavouring to be.  The idea is that the whole church will sign and adopt this Charter.  There is a sample Charter which might help you develop your own, and a template for you to adapt to suit your needs – these can be found on the templates and resources page.

For more details about the resource, and information for the steering group, download the documents below.

Attached documents:

Download the file on Resource Process and Overview Download the 'Steering Group Guide' fileDownload the 'Steering Group Review' document


If you wish to download all the resources in one go, please go to the templates and resources page.