today, not tomorrow

Today...not Tomorrow:
transforming the church for all ages

‘Today…not Tomorrow’ is an inter-generational ministry that aims to disciple children and young people in a way which is integrated into the context of the wider church.

We aim to celebrate their faith in every way and develop their gifting and skills. ‘Today…not Tomorrow’ is organised by Baptist Union of Great Britain and Arise Ministries.
“We have decided to use the TNT material to aid us in bringing the generations together within our church. We have identified that there is a need to bridge the gap between the generations and this material will prompt us to learn more about God and draw a focus on what our Lord teaches about the generations working together to glorify His kingdom.”  Michelle Shaw, Youth worker, Park Road Baptist Church, Rushden

Stephen Hayward, representing the Congregational Churches, attended the Birmingham road show. This is what he has to say about TNT….

“I was delighted with the Today…not Tomorrow material, especially the dedicated sessions for children and young people. Everything is written simply and clearly, which in itself builds people’s confidence to use the material effectively. It is very encouraging when churches are willing to work on being a community in which children and young people lead as well as follow, speak as well as listen, and give as well as receive. Today…not tomorrow is a valuable resource to help churches on this journey. A key element is the Facilitation Day for which a plan is offered with lots of good learning and involving elements for all ages. I think smaller churches may find it a challenge to deliver such a day in the way suggested, but it can be adapted. So congratulations to Ed and the team. We are helping Congregational churches to benefit from this resource by involving Ed in our training programme”.

Sandra Crawford, Regional Minister for youth, NWBA shares how they plan to use the new TNT material.

“We are planning to  undertake a tour of churches in NWBA in 2014, encouraging churches to stop and consider whether they need to re-think their children’s and youthwork.  We will be offering TNT material as a possibility for churches to plug into, either with an external facilitator or to go it alone”

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